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Land Of Make Believe

The Way To Read A Fairytale Is To Throw Yourself In (W.H. Auden)

6 January
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My fan fiction journal for the stories on my website. All of my banners are with their respected stories unless they are in progress. If you don't have an LJ...get one. They aren't a hassle. ^_^


1. All chapters are found in the memories. I have now also added tags for your convenience, and that will group together fics that make up a series.

2. This journal is Friends Only which means I have to add you to my friends list in order for you to be able to see the fics. To be added just comment under the friends only banner and I will add you straight away.

3. It would be nice if you commented on something you read. I like to know if people enjoy my work. If you don't plan to comment don't bother asking to be added. I'm not a friend whore. ^_^

4. Please don't take my stories and post them elsewhere claiming they are your own. I toil over my work very hard and I would hate to think of someone stealing it or copying me. Not to mention I have many writer friends and know just about every site out there...so I would find out. My father is a lawyer..don't make me sue you over a silly fanfic. ^_^

Copywrighted ©2000-2013

My real LJ: reticentric

Dahlia Asher Series

Anarchy; A Delirium Sequel
Desolation; 3rd in Trilogy (In Progress)
Sire Prequel
First Kill 2nd Prequel
Dark Star 3rd Prequel
Olivia 4th Prequel

~Original Completed Fiction~

Hole In The Earth (Shannon Leto)
Thirty Seconds To The Crossroads (30STM/SNP) Not Slash
Oh, Lilian (song fic)
7 Deadly Sins: Lust (Jared Leto)
7 Deadly Sins: Envy (JL/OB/OFC)
7 Deadly Sins: Wrath (JL/OFC)
Alone In The Dark

~In Progress~

Buffy Summers/Faith Lehane Uncomplete Fiction

Underneath It All

~Completed FemmeSlash~

Temptation Waits (Faith/Lana Lang)
One Helpless Night (Buffy/Faith)
Porcelain Whore (Faith/Lana)
How It All Started (Chloe/Lana)
In A Dark Bronze Corner (Faith/OFC)
In Buffy's Bed Companion Piece to IADBC (Faith/OFC)
Just Breathe (Faith/Buffy)
Crashing Down (Faith/Buffy)

~Old Orlando Bloom Fiction~

I Can Be The Other Woman In Your Life
The Hollywood Star
Tomorrow Morning
Flirting With Suicide
Accidentally On Purpose
Life Is Wonderful Accidentally On Purpose sequel
One Night Only
Distorted Utopia
Along The Way Elizabethtown Fic

My So-Called Life Continuation Series