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Friends Only

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If you do not plan to review, please don't bother asking to be added. I'm not a friends whore. ^_^

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I don't know if we have some kinda limit to how loooong these things can be, but I just gotta tell ya- last year I came across your old website by mistake while I was in Computer Apps. I started readin one story- Interim of the Ripper- and by the second page I was hooked. In turn, the whole class started to ask me, "why is your whole screen red? Whatcha lookin at??"
By the end of that period, the whooole class was readin this story, hooked. =) Since then, I've read Confessions of a Teenage Virgin and Confessions of a Female Playa (you just gotta love Maddy!)but it ticked me off when you left the site for another and i couldn't find you. I felt let down. And lo and behold, I found ya. I hope they can squeeze all this in.....Catch ya on the flipside -tryna
Wow Interim was a while ago...I think I was like 20 or 21 when I did that I think. But I'm glad that you and your class liked it hehe. But sure I'll add you, no problem. :)

And usually comments here can be pretty long. They can fit huge pictures to so I think you're okay.
Please add me so I can read your fantastic work. I esp need to read Confession of a Female Player. It always was my favorite AND you put me in there. I miss talking to you. What's been goin on?
I added you :)

Things have been kosher for me. Still trying to write something every now and then. What about you?
I'm dying to read Flirting With Suicide and I'm assuming this is where it'll be, so will you add, please?
Sure :)
Hey girl!

Can you add me on this one too? I want to read your stuff!
Sure I'll add you in a jiffy!
Hey there, AJ here. Please can I join in? Thanks! x
Added you! :)
Wow, I read your stories AGES ago and had lost the link to your site. But I finally remembered you're geocities thing and googled it, only to find your stories can only be accessed to friends here. I'd really LOVE to read them again, being that I thought they were FABULOUS. So...yeah...

Man I didn't even know the site still showed up since I closed it down...that's kinda funny. And scary since my work back then sucks compared to now haha. But sure I'll add you. :) I hope you let me know what you think of the stuff here too!
I just read your story on fanfic and was wondering if I could be added as a friend to read your other material and I'm new around so please? Ok now I sound desperate sry rambling so yeah and perfect circle ROCKS!
LOL sure, just added you. Welcome.
I´ve read your story on and i have to say that it is pretty good.
Could you add me to your friends list?
Sure. Added you. :)
i would love to be added as your friend so that i could read your stories! they come highly recommended and i promise to review..
You're added! ^_^ Welcome.
I'd like to be friended so I could read your stories. I'm a fanfiction junkie and I'm always interested in reading new material.


Hello. ^_^

I'll add you so, welcome aboard!
I've heard raves about your stories and wanted to know if I could also be added :P
Sure ^_^ Welcome to the madness!
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